mercredi 23 juillet 2014

A new green will soon be in play at Club de Golf Lac St-Joseph

The new green under construction, from the left
side of the fairway.
The Club de Golf Lac St-Joseph, near Quebec City, will soon offer a new green to its members and visitors. The green of the first hole was recently rebuilt in June by the NMP Golf Construction team and the grow-in is now under way under the supervision of the Club’s superintendant, Claude Frenette.  The Club hopes to open the new green before the end of August, if the conditions allow it.

Before the renovation, the green of the first hole was a very small target sitting on top of a severe slope that stopped all the approach shots that came short. The punchbowl type surface also caused a lot of problems during the winter, when ice often took over the entire surface of the green, causing nightmares to the maintenance team in the spring.

Another view from the left side of the green.
The new green was seeded in bentgrass and the surface area was doubled and reshaped to be visible from the fairway.  The slope at the front of the green was also softened to allow players to easily climb on the surface.  The green was also enlarged towards the back right, where a large, existing depression is now more in play.  Any approach shot that is too aggressive and slightly off-target to the right will most likely end up at the bottom of this slope, a good twelve feet below the green surface.

Golfers who will play the course until the opening of the new green won’t be let down.  The club still offers 18 holes to play since it has a 19th hole that can be inserted into the routing when works are under way on any of the other holes on the course.  Golfers now even have the opportunity to play the existing first hole as a practice hole before their rounds officially begin of the second hole.  That’s a little bonus only a few clubs can offer!

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